Why Use Our Advanced Beadlet Technology

Advanced Delivery System

Ingredient Evolution has set forth a new delivery system. This will protect the friendly bacteria on its way to your stomach. Our bio-available bead technology is designed to withstand breaking down as they travel through the digestive system, releasing them when they finally reach the large intestine.

This increases the benefit to your body and will improve the capsules performance. Our beadlet technology is also stable stable at room temperature. This means that they do not need to be kept refrigerated to maintain viability like other supplements.

Modified Release

Ingredient Evolution's bio-available beadlet technology allows modified release of the active ingredients, providing a continuos supply of the nutrients thus preventing "dose dumping". Some active ingredients like iron can be harmful when taken in high dose and can five local irritation in the GI tract, a more gradual release gets over this problem.

It provides a safe way to deliver potent active ingredients and it also makes it possible to deliver multiple active ingredients usually incompatible together.

Increase Effectiveness & Appeal

Our beadlet technology has a high quality appearance and are very attractive to the eye since they ensure no dust. The structure of our beadlets improve stability and compatibility. They reduce surface are of the active ingredients, helping to protect fragile active ingredients from oxygen and moisture.

Ingredient Evolution is always striving to enhance and improve products. Using our bio-available bead technology will make your capsule stand out from others and and increase the customer appeal by reassuring them that this is the most effective way to take a supplement.

bioavailaible beadlets

Key Benefits of Bio-Available Beadlet Technology™

Ingredient Evolution's is here to improve your product in every angle. With this product you will be able to accomplish:

  High Quality Appearance & Very Attractive to Consumer
  Improves Stability & Compatibility
  Helps Protect Fragile Active Ingredients From Oxygen & Moisture
  Prevents Dose Dumping