Artificial Excipient Free

Why Artificial Excipients Are No Longer Needed In Supplement & Vitamin Manufacturing

We would like to notify the public that artificial excipients can be harmful.

For example one of the most common artificial excipients Magnesium Stearate can cause weakness, diminished reflexes and suppressed t-cells. Stearic Acid can cause the collapse of a cell membrane, leading to cell destruction. Dicalcium Phosphate can cause skin irritation and Silicon Dioxide can cause kidney damage and autoimmune diseases. 

This is just a small list of the many side effects artificial excipients can have. The even worse part is that they are heavily used in the nutraceutical industry.

As of now many companies just accept the fact that they must use artificial excipients in their product manufacturing process. Most nutraceutical consumers are unaware of the artificial excipients used in the past.

Ingredient Evolution has made it our mission to replace these potentially harmful ingredients and reach out to companies urging them to use our organic substitution.

After extensive research we have created a product called OrganiFlow™and it is available for any brand that uses capsules.

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OrganiFlow™ is a brand new patent pending technology that utilizes organic brown rice powder as a substitute for artificial excipients. This product is truly organic and will provide you with the same functions as artificial excipients.

In fact we have found that our organic excipient outperforms artificial excipients. It increases texture, water distribution and consistency in an organic and healthy way. We are proud to stand behind our organic flow agent and encourage employers to substitute all artificial excipients with OrganiFlow™. Stay a step ahead with OrganiFlow™.

We believe this product is extremely important because being Artificial Excipient™ Free is a healthier option, which is trending in this industry.

Ingredient Evolution provides this exclusive label to clients that use Organiflow so that they can show customers that they are aware of the situation and they actually care about keeping a healthy and transparent brand.